About Us

Welcome to Uwana Energy’s Blog! We use this platform to give you a detailed insight into what we do and how we do it. As a team, we are excited about a future in which every African has a seamless, positive, and effortless relationship with energy such that it is an afterthought.

Thus, we aim to deliver solar solutions into the hands of every African that needs one within a fraction of the time it takes to get alternative energy today.

That is how we think of ourselves. Others have described us as:

These guys saved my life! Having constant power is just too sweet!! I’m done with my monthly payments so I’m getting free light! I couldn’t be happier right now.

…or something like this:

Starting a company anywhere is hard but here? It has been crazy. Kudos to companies like Uwana for doing their best to make things easy for both customers and companies like ours.

If you are new to our blog or our company – welcome! We have spent a lot of time in people’s homes so think of this as us welcoming you into our living room. So come in, have a look around, and make yourself at home!